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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
BOOKING: lshima.model@gmail.com


Loved that Kate Holiday shot of you. You reminded me of Elektra, from Daredevil. Have a great day!
by rthe915artist

Thanks so much, I had a fun stylist for that look ;)

You're so beautiful ...!!!
by Anonymous

Aw shucks :)

Hi! I've been following your pics for some time. As you may know, DopeNation has a shrine to you whenever you put up new stuff. I just LOVE your work and I LOVE your daring! I don't know you but the persona you project is one of strength and courage and confidence! It's very sexy and very cool! There's no answer in here, really, just wanted to send you warm fuzzies and long-overdue praise. I hope you're having a great week and an awesome day! Keep rocking out the photos! You kick ass! :)
by silvertonguefiction

Shout out to DopeNation for all the love! 

Thanks for the support! You have a great week also!!!!

Outstanding photos beautiful one...,you are absolutely gorgeous!!
by nyrob1

Appreciate it so much!

I am in love 💝💝💝
by wr450beast


It's refreshing to see individuals comfortable with their creativity. It's inspiring and I commend you on your work. Keep at it :)
by Anonymous


Marry me?
by Anonymous

We barely know each other!

Really ??? Atx huh ? I lived in Round Rock back in 98.. small world hunh
by 28gznaoz

Right on!

what is your tittie suze
by manzan9090

34 Suze

Do wanna kids? How many?
by Anonymous

Maybe one day. If I do I’ll start off with one and see how that goes :)

hw old r u btw?
by rastamism


Is there any way to see the video you said you were making?
by Anonymous

Not posted anywhere yet :)

Hi L Shima, let me first say you are a lovely model before I ask my questions! Are you a parent, do you have any children? Have you ever been pregnant before? When did your breasts (boobs) get so big, like your cup size were you already a bust 34" and D (34D), by the time you were 17 years old? OR what was your age when your breasts (boobs) became a 34D? Also are you really a bust 34" and cup F at this time currently!?!? Your breasts (boobs) are natural (real)?
by Anonymous

Thanks :) Many of the questions are a bit too intrusive to ask a stranger on the internet haha. I also get this strange feeling you really, really enjoy breasts (boobs). 

BUT, I am a natural 34F yes, and they filled out mostly late in high school.

Hugs and much love :) *Thanks Zen Garage*

…to everyone new to my page. I noticed a big surge in followers (I hate saying that word, let’s say new friends) recently! Not sure where that came from, but I hope you enjoy your stay at my page and expect much more to come!


*Edit* I found out the new eyeballs may have came from the wonderful write up via Justin Fox over at Zen Garage! Thanks!

I notice your photos are on a lot of different BeautifulBlackWomen blogs and i was just curious do you dislike when people think you're just black? does it bother you since you're mixed with a lot of other different ethnicites?
by Anonymous

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I am glad people accept my ethnicity no matter their background! :)