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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
BOOKING: lshima.model@gmail.com


Aye you killin' the model game. I gotta give respect when respect is due. Much love
by idhatemetoo

:) Thank you!!

I see your fine self on Egotastic again! Keep up the excellent!
by mrmundanesamazingadventures

Ha! Thanks, I have seen a lot of people respond to the post of me!

Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Michael Oliver 
Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Eat the Cake NYC

Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Wylie Maercklein 

One of my favs :)
Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Anthony WintersT-Shirt: UNDER LA
Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Anthony Winters
my girlfriend saves your nudes from here to her phone. Just letting you know lol.
by Anonymous

Ha! As long as she’s a fan, I have nothing to complain about! :)

Shima, When's the new products coming?!? I love your work, keep it up gorgeous
by shakalakka

I am in the process of tons of new merchandise. I will let everyone know! :)

You are marketing self very well, keep at it and come back to Chicago this summer!
by deemeanor

I would love to be back in Chicago. Hopefully soon!

So beautiful, continue success Hun
by tank183

:) EEP! I will def. try my  best! 

Are You Into Arts
by newyorkbasedportraitpainter

Yep! Not as heavy as my boyfriend, but you know I can def. pull of the sophisticated young lady at galleries. Mostly study fashion history. HA! 

If you google search Fujiroids the first images that come up are yours. Good job, thats dope
by deemeanor

WHOA! Seriously?? hahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahha. You know, I got to market myself somehow! :)

What other social networks are you linked to?
by j-boog88

You can find all of my social networks on the top of my page below my name, and you can also find it on my FAQ. :)

Or… just google my name. HA!

Where did you get that gold plated see through top & bracelet? It's lovely.
by sevengoddesssix

The photographer actually received it from a jewelry designer in LA. I unfortunately cannot remember the name. :( But it def. is LOVELY!!