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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
BOOKING: lshima.model@gmail.com


L. Shima’s Be Cool #5 - Travelling as a Model


This week, L.Shima talks about her own personal experiences travelling as a freelance model as well as informing other individuals of the steps needed to make it happen!

To watch the video:

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A trained eye and an open soul can tell the difference between nudity and sex.

You are totally amazing! Was a great pleasure to see you talking! I hope to see you next Wednesday :)
by Anonymous

Yay! I always love reading comments like these. I am super glad you enjoyed! Until next time!!!! :)

Got jij
by 1817kingwakaflocka

http://www.hanamiweb.com/jiji.jpg ?

Would you be cool if someone asked you if you would be willing to pose for a sculpture, kind of like Marc Quinn's sculpture of Kate Moss?
by Anonymous

I like that series :) Yes I would be cool with that. Especially if it was a straight sculpt from a block and not a cast ;)

do u follow all of your fans?
by craze7

Sometimes. But not when they tell/ask me to. I rather follow someone because I want to.

You got a kik?
by Anonymous

http://www.militaryfoodex.com/catalog/images/kix ?

How deep is your love?
by sanman-ish

Sooo deep I get heartburns from the Earth’s inner core! BOOM.

What kind of asks piss you off the most?
by Anonymous

Nothing really has pissed me off when it comes to questions. Most of the time the worst ones cause me to wonder what type of person would ask such a outrageous question. Probably the guise of anonymous gives people courage. But usually this happens when they are being so inappropriate and disrespectful towards the work I do and assuming nudity means sex. “Come on.. really?” (haha that is always my first initial response in my mind!!)

Saying you have magnificent breasts is like telling Jennifer Lopez that her butt is a little round. You are very beautiful.
by eagle8599

HAHA! Thank you.

Have you ever flashed a guy before?
by Anonymous

My boyfriend. Countless times. :)

My o my. You're so pretty 😍. If I ever see you in fl I'm going to shake hands with you lol.
by flowerso2

I will make sure I give you a nice firm shake!!

Not a question but you look a bit like Katherine McPhee. Still your pretty
by chowmeiin

Whoa. That is a definite first!! Ha thank you :)

Episode 5 of Be Cool.Another episode of my fantastic live video podcast! So many great things to come, you do not want to miss out. :)http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lshima:)

Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Wylie Maercklein