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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
BOOKING: lshima.model@gmail.com


I like that you are good at nude and clothed pics. Which is your fav?
by Anonymous

Thanks! I’m a bit burned out on nude shoots since I have done so many the past few years that I am partial to clothed/fashion shoots for the time being. Honestly though, it depends on the photographer and how creatively and well we work together. If we really click, then it doesn’t matter.

Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Eat the Cake NYC
awesome egotastic article. love the b&w photos! beautiful and artsy. I clicked on the store button but its not working i wanted to see some of the prints up for sale :/
by princeofblasia

Aww thank you so much! Ugh… hopefully they will be able to fix the problem eventually, Big Cartel is down right now! hahaha

you are extremely beautiful, I see your pictures everywhere on here and I just wanted to say I think you are beautiful
by marveloustransformer

Awww! Thank you so much! I am glad!!! :)

what type of photos are your favorite to take as a model and what type of pictures would you take as a photographer?
by Anonymous

My favorite are the conceptual fashion shoots, I love to play dress up and figure out a different way to showcase an outfit. If I ever was a photographer.. I would probably enjoy shooting more self-portraits and environmental. :)

I just wanted to say you are truly beautiful!
by thetalent1215

:) Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever thought of visiting the Caribbean?
by Anonymous

I would love to visit the Caribbean! One day…One day..

I wish someone had invested in your beauty and gave you the love your getting now before you posed nude.
by iam-king-el-elyon

Ha! Thanks…I think. I can’t tell if this is a compliment or passive aggressive comment on my nude work??

When you do a photoshoot, do you pay the photographer or does the photographer pay you?
by realmonstergrafix

I answered this in depth here: LINK


Great blog. Very artistic and beautiful. I love the black and whites, can't decide what to order. I hope you don't mind if I reblog a few...(all credits to you and your photographer)
by thehighpitchedthinker

Go crazy! Thank you very much for the compliment!!

L. Shima, The Most Beautiful. I know you do artist and tasteful nude photos, Have you ever thought about artist/tasteful nude videos? Like an Art Film?
by Anonymous

I have never really thought about it. It just all depends on how “tasteful” it really is.

I love u - sincerely one of your fans (:
by lickhertatsxo

You are sweet! :)

Are you in Los Angeles? Id love to shoot with you
by mformike

I plan to move there within a year, but I also hope to be back for a visit soon. Keep an eye out for any travel notices!! :)

Would you ever do a nude shoot with another male talent?
by Anonymous

Probably not.