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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
BOOKING: lshima.model@gmail.com


Did you get your name from an amine show? sounds like an anime or an anime character lol.
by Anonymous

Nope, I am named after my grandmother :)

Wow you are so gorgeous I might be in love. I'm glad u keep it real n reply to ur fans :)
by champagnephilly

:) I make sure to dedicate a whole day for my fans!!

If it were ancient times, you'd be worshiped as a goddess.
by Anonymous

Hell I am still worshiped as a goddess… I kid, I kid!! That was my only moment of conceitedness :) I promise, I am only looked as a human being in today’s times. Haha!

You're so beautiful.
by princejj1

You’re beutiful, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful that’s for sure. :)

What are the biggest mistakes and myths that you see from photographers who work with models? Even at a "professional" level, what are the biggest mistakes? What are the biggest wastes of time? (Thank you for taking the time out, L. Shima!) :-D
by dragondookie

People not only need to put a lot of effort in making sure they are creating high quality works of art, but you need to make sure that you set enough of that effort into professionalism. You can be a brilliant artist, but if you are not professional which includes; knowing how to properly write, how to show you are dedicated as well as interested in the photoshoot, timely, and staying true to any form of an agreement, then I do not have any interest in working with you. Point blank.  

I hope that answered your question ha!

i really love your fashion photos!
by aus10-s

Yay!! Thank you, thank you!

Your so beautiful I love your eyes
by iyvesaintwatson

Aw thank you! I love them too. Ha!!

Someone has got a birthday coming up, Tuesday if I'm not mistaken. Happy birthday beautiful lady I hope you have a super wonderful splendid spectacularly amazingly awesome day and that you get to have many more birthdays 😘
by shakalakka

Thank you! It was a great day that I wish never ended!! :)

I think you're a RAGA : righteous angel , gorgeous ass
by Anonymous

& you are a Righteous, Awesome, Glorified Anonymous :)

Who is favorite actor , singer/band
by Anonymous

Man, I really enjoy Gary Oldman. As far as musical artist.. I like so many, but the top 5 currently is Kanye West, Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, Classix, and Kid Cudi. 

Your pics are 🔥👍
by comikid


Do you answer every question asked of you?
by loco2589

Not all, but most. :)

I love the way you look, so beautiful! I think your nose is cute. I am weird I have an obsession with noses, lol
by ordo-alchemist

Ha! You are not weird, I have had countless people tell me they like my nose. I personally do not see it, but I am glad it is a joy to look at. :) So thank you!!

what instant camera was used for these pictures? btw you are absolutely stunning!
by Anonymous

Ahh.. I really can’t remember. Feel free to contact Alvin Black III, I am 100% sure he knows. :)

Hi Shima, I saw your ustream and I thought it was awesome. Thank you for doing it. It was great to see and hear you. You were cool in it and looked beautiful. Looking forward to the next episodes as the weeks go by. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and stay blessed. As always thank you for being you.
by Anonymous

Aw thank you! It means a lot hearing from everyone what they thought. 

Tonight at 10pm EST episode 2 of Be Cool will be live and in action!!