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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
BOOKING: lshima.model@gmail.com


Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Theia Photo
Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Dei Gratia Photo
Check in tomorrow Wednesday at 10pm EST for the fantastic episode 11 of Be Cool.http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lshima
So many great things ahead :)
Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Death of Youth
Behind the scenes from a shoot with Tom Thomas :)
Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Shayna Batya

L. Shima’s Be Cool #10 - Feat: Taylor from Housewifeswag


This week, the glorious Taylor from Housewifeswag stopped on by for Be Cool’s 10th episode. She is a remarkable woman to listen to and inspires people from around the world!!

To view the works of Taylor

To watch the video:

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Do you have a preference when it comes to dating different ethnicities?
by Anonymous

Nope :) My man himself is Mexican/Irish. I prefer kindness and passion in any color.

Would you ever consider doing a contest, where the most creative Shima inspired piece wins something awesome?
by rthe915artist

Hmmm, that could be fun! Is there any interest in something like this??

Why not nude videos? your work will be more in motion especially with a HD video camera.
by Anonymous

The right opportunity for nude video hasn’t been brought to me yet. I would actually love to be shot in a 90’s VHS camcorder but in high fashion, that would be interesting :)

How are you so comfortable shooting naked? Any pointers?
by Anonymous

I’ve answered this a few times much more in depth. But just consider your body as a shape and try to make interesting shapes. Slowly the eroticism of the nudeness will disappear and you will focus on the art of posing and forget if you have clothes on or not. 

I get off on your pictures. ;)
by Anonymous

I’ve been told. To each their own.

I had no fuckin idea that you fuckin cussed like a mothafuckin sailor ;)
by Anonymous

I assume you mean in my podcast. Yeah I guess I do. Moreso when I’m nervous.

Very in love w/you.
by fuckingknife


I hate when people re-blog my pix and add advertise their page or they re-blog it and don't give the model or me credit. How does that make you feel?
by kenwallacephotos

Yeah it bothers me. It’s somewhat similar to pirating movie or music content in that they are taking content for their own purposes, aka to make their page look better. If they are making money off their Tumblr page from advertising and using my image with credits taken off, that is the worst. 

I understand that Tumblr is a curatorial platform and this is the culture, but erasing credits is mean spirited. It’s easier to simply hit reblog and keep my original post intact. Getting my name out there is important to my career, and many people do not consider this.