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5'3 + 34F.26.37 + white.black.japanese.
full time. published.
sarasota, florida.
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Model: L.ShimaPhotographer: Mr. Flame
This one is a bit glamour-y, you’ll have to excuse me ;)

L. Shima’s Be Cool #3 - The Beginning of Modeling 2

Click here to download the audio!!


This week, L.Shima brings back the topic of modeling with some very important life lessons involving scams, and the difference between independent and agency represented. 




When I was in 8th grade I had the biggest crush on you...but you never knew I existrd
by Anonymous

Aw! Were we in the 8th grade together? I cannot imagine anyone having a crush on me when I was younger haha!

I would have loved to take part in that WS!!! it looked really great (with u as the starring model of course, a wonderful plan about using gels, and for just $80!!!) - what a pity be so far away, i just hope u'll post some of the best ones from this WS, cheers
by lupoalba

It was great! So many awesome people in one place!! 

You man, is one lucky man indeed. The word perfection has your picture next to it. Wow. I mean like really, WOW!! You are freaking awesome. ♥♥♥
by findyourzen3000

Aw! Thank you for such kind words. We also need to keep in mind that I am one lucky gal as well!!! :)

Would you get down on one knee to propose to your man? Yes or No?
by Anonymous

Yes if I felt like marriage was an answer. 

You are very beautiful. Have you ever thought about going into acting?
by fenrirthewolf611

I have thought about it more than enough times. It isn’t something I am striving for, but if the right opportunity comes, I wouldn’t mind pursuing it. 

No question but you are gorgeous
by Anonymous

:) Not an answer, but you are sweet!! 

By any chance, will you be in LA soon?:)
by Anonymous

I’ve had many chances to be up there this year, but everything fell through. Although I still plan to move there within the next year!! :)

The most recent black & white photo that you posted is straight, beautiful art. I hope you do more like it.
by erickw73

Thanks :)

Do you find it strange people get off to your pictures?? i caught my girlfriend masturbating to one of your photos since i had your tumblr up and it was very strange.
by Anonymous

To each their own. In a world where people get off to the wildest things, if they want to get loose to my pics, ok. Of course that is not my intention. But there is probably someone that gets off to pictures of chocolate cake, and a chocolate cake photographer probably has the same feeling as me. Does that make sense? I don’t think so haha. I was trying to be too witty…gosh.

How often do you get requests for someone to motorboat you?
by Anonymous

It is usually just anonymous people on the internet thankfully.

When you visit Japan, must be very careful what you eat and drink, radiation from Fukushima is spreading all over country in ground, water and food supply!
by Anonymous

I have read many reports both pro and con on this. But if I do make the trip over there I will look into it more as it is a concern.

do you position yourself as a woman of color? how do you feel about the racism going on in the fashion/modeling industry?
by inumerous

This is an interesting question. I am:

25% black
25% Japanese
25% Irish
25% German

Based on pure percentage I am predominantly white. Although, I retained more black features than my brother and sister. Out of all the cultures I relate most to my Japanese side. 

This is a long winded way of saying that I position myself as a woman. A human. This isn’t a new age, pseudo-Tumblr existential answer. I literally am a mix of so much ethnicity and culture I can’t identify as just one.

As far as racism in the industry I have only read about it. I have fortunately not been involved in it. Actually girls with the black/asian look are very popular right now. I imagine you are referring to the dominance of the thin, tall/ white woman though? If there are models that are being denied opportunities because of racism then of course that is terrible but I am encouraged that with the current movement of enlightened thinking racism will be subdued in the fashion world, at least a bit.

Do you ever feel that your obvious sex appeal gets in the way of your artistic career goals?
by Anonymous

I don’t think so. I do receive more offers to shoot sexy/glamour type imagery though. I do have to pay my bills so I take some of them. Fortunately I do have a say of whom I shoot with, and I am working with wonderful artists that I collaborate with so in the end it is up to me.  

If anything is preventing me from getting into more high end artistic shoots it is my height. My bust is turning into an asset in an industry that is embracing large cupped models like Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski, and now Charlotte McKinney as the face of Guess.

Now that I think about it, I see any sex appeal I have as a bonus. If I am able to make an artistic image that has merit on it’s own, and then add a little sexual energy to it, than doesn’t it make it that much more provacative and stand out?